My favorite DIY Skin care routines

It isn t just the high cost of commercially-manufactured skin care products that has got more and more individuals moving towards a more natural approach. People are becoming increasingly aware of the long list of chemicals and artificial ingredients that most commercially-made products contain, and the potential health hazards that go along with them. Approximately 60% of the chemicals you apply to your skin are absorbed into your bloodstream, and although many store-bought skin care products can be temporarily beneficial to your skin, the long term effects of these products can be toxic to your body. All this has caused many to seek a DIY Skin care recipes and create their own natural solutions. Fortunately, there are a number of ways that you can care for your skin naturally and much more safely, and everything you need is likely right there in your cupboards at home. Taking the DIY skin care tips approach can not only be much more affordable, but your skin and your body will thank


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