Why Nerium International: Elements of a Real Opportunity

Global Market • The anti-aging market is an $80 billion-dollar industry in the US alone, and is expected to grow to $114 billion within the next three years. • In three years’ time, the anti-aging market in the US alone will be almost as big as the direct sales industry worldwide ($125 billion). • Nine of the top ten billion-dollar direct sales companies are in the beauty category. • Over 50% of the wealth generated in the direct sales industry comes from the beauty category, which is larger than all other categories combined. • Nerium International is in the highest-selling category within beauty, which is dermal. Within dermal, Nerium International is in the fastest-growing section of that, which is anti-aging. • Skincare products are the “stickiest” products in the industry. • Consumer loyalty to skincare, specifically anti-aging, is very high. This leads to a very high retention rate in customers. Unique Product • NeriumAD is a breakthrough product in th


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